Hello and

Selamat siang

from Indonesia!

In 2024, TeachCast was thrilled to continue its flagship Teacher Bonus Program.

Our wonderful teachers got to experience a once-in-a-lifetime, two week long, all-expenses paid trip to Indonesia!

Scroll down for more information, and highlights from the 2024 trip.

Photos courtesy of several TeachCast educators and staff


Teach from Home…with an Incredible Perk!

Our teachers are the world’s best, and deserve to see the best parts of the world! Valued at over $7,000, our teachers receive the opportunity to visit the students in Indonesia whom they taught virtually, followed by a week-long vacation in Bali…all paid for by TeachCast!*

*Conditions Apply.

Magical School Visits

All school year long, our teachers get to know their students virtually, over Zoom.

Via the Teacher Bonus Program, we brought the teachers to the students for an unforgettable meet and greet in person!