COMING SOON - Total Curriculum Redesign!

We are thrilled to partner with Cambridge University Press ESL curriculum and course materials, to be incorporated into our instruction!

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TeachCast Courses through

Oxford University Press

Our teachers use the widely used and highly respected Oxford University Press course material to deliver quality English lessons to their students.

Below, you can enjoy video examples of typical Let’s Go, Get Ahead, and Headway sessions.



Our Course Offerings

changing Fall 2024 to Cambridge University Curriculum

Let’s Go

Beginner English

In this unit, elementary-aged students learn the basic building blocks of English. Through dynamic pictures and songs, children enjoy receive engaging and exciting lessons while having lots of fun! Students learn many vocabulary words and sentences begin to take shape.


Get Ahead

Intermediate English

In this unit, teenagers build upon their English skills in a deeper and more practical way. With more emphasis on speaking and grammar application, students get plenty of practice talking about real-life things that matter to them.



Advanced English

In this unit, adults/young adults challenge themselves to elevate English fluency to an exceptional level. Students experience a wide range of exercises in which they can integrate and advance their speaking, writing, and reading skills. 



Class Format


Certified TESOL Teacher

All of our teachers are TESOL certified, or in the process of becoming TESOL certified through our company.


Group Classes

Class sizes range from 12 to 30 students. Once a week, students meet as a class over Zoom, working to improve their English with the expertise of a TeachCast teacher.


50 to 100 minute sessions

Let’s Go and Get Ahead (elementary to middle school) sessions are typically 50 minutes. Headway sessions are typically 100 minutes (with a 10 minute break), sometimes 50 minutes.


Speaking, Reading, and Engagement

All of our classes emphasize a participation among classmates and their teacher. Students receive plenty of reading and pronunciation practice, and are provided various methods of instruction in their weekly sessions.