Teach for Us

TeachCast is hiring fun and engaging teachers for our growing company. Click the button below to view and apply for our open positions. Be sure to read the information below to get to know more about us and job requirements.


Why Teach for Us?


Established for Over 15 Years

Headquartered in Cody, Wyoming, TeachCast has established its place in the online ESL education market.


100% Remote

Our teachers live all across America, and enjoy the freedom and flexibility that remote work provides.


Reliable Earnings

Our teachers are paid by the block, not by class, bi-weekly, and as W-2 employees.


TESOL Certification

All of our educators are highly qualified, but we also provide free TESOL certification to those who do not yet have it.

As an online ESL instructor, the primary duty is to teach students in an engaging manner. Teachers must be self-driven, energetic, and be sensitive toward an educational culture that differs from the USA. 

We work with classrooms and schools throughout Indonesia, and are part of their mandatory English program during their school day.

  • We are proud to be one of the only ESL companies that pays by hourly blocks, NOT by number of classes taught!
  • We teach classrooms between 12-35 students, K-12 and university level
  • Easy lesson prep! All classes are assigned a lesson plan and slides using content from Oxford University Press.

Instructors must meet our broadband and computer standards to teach from home.

  • Headphones with microphone capabilities (wired or Bluetooth)
  • Latest version of Chrome, Flash, and JavaScript
  • Screen resolution minimum: 1280x1024p

Bandwidth: Minimum speeds of 3 Mbps upload and 3 Mbps download are required. Connection can be hardwired or wireless (WiFi, not cellular hotspot). 

Computer Specs:

  • Processor must be 2.0 GHz (dual core), 2.8 GHz (single core), or better
  • Memory (RAM): 4 GB or more
  • Allowed Operating Systems: PC: Windows 10 or newer OR Mac: OS X 10.11 or newer

Block Schedule


Frequently Asked Questions

I live outside of the USA. Can I still teach for TeachCast?

We are only hiring teachers who currently live in the United States, in most states. We are hiring in all states except Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Washington, and Washington DC.

What does the teaching schedule look like?

Our teachers work nightly shifts called “blocks,” which are typically four hours long. Classes are assigned within your block time, and you see your students weekly. Typically, sessions are 50 minutes long, or 100 minutes for our oldest students. Teachers have breaks between any two classes, which typically results in three or fewer classes taught per evening.

What are the qualifications do I need to work for Teachcast?

A minimum of an Associate’s degree is required to work for TeachCast. Experience in education, especially in ESL, is preferred. If not TESOL certified, our company provides training and certification to you for free.

What is the pay?

Our teachers start at $13-14/hour, depending on qualifications and experience. After 30 days of employment, teachers receive a raise. Pay percentage increases more and more based on time with the company (three months, six months, etc). Teachers are paid bi-weekly, direct deposit, and are W-2 employees.

What is used to meet with students and deliver content?

In teaching sessions, teachers use the Zoom meetings application, integrated with our company portal, a PDF reader, and media player.

How are sessions delivered to students?

TeachCast integrates the Zoom web conferencing application to reach students across the world. In group classes, students are physically together in a school classroom, while you, their ESL teacher, are on their screen!

What are the ages of the students?

We teach in K-12 school systems, as well as university students! We try our best to connect teachers with student age groups in which they feel most comfortable, and have the most experience, teaching.

What does TeachCast provide for my working environment?

A blue background and webcam are provided by the company. Teachers must have their own working laptop, headset with mic, hardwired or strong WiFi internet connection, and a quiet, well-lit work environment.

What kind of contract do I sign when hired? Are there benefits provided?

Our teacher contract is an at-will part time employee agreement. This agreement is to general adherence of policies and expectations. It is not a term contract, like most “brick and mortar” schoolteaching jobs are. At this time, we do not offer benefits.

Do I have to grade anything?

Our teachers do not have to do any grading! Instead, they supply our partner schools with quick and easy remarks regarding student participation in their classes.